Individual Executive and Team Coaching

Over the course of 18 months, we worked with a senior team at a large and growing financial regulatory agency. In the initial stages of the work, we conducted a large-scale, holistic leadership assessment to understand the strengths and areas of opportunities for the team as a whole. The team members are clearly dedicated to the mission of the agency and we wanted to harness that energy to further the group’s ability to trust one another to move the agenda forward. Through this work, we developed a trusted relationship with my clients and proposed work that could help the team become more effective. The proposal contained recommendations for executive coaching for their top leaders as well as a number of organizational steps to take to improve overall trust and efficiency within the team.

We received approval to move forward with proposed work, at which time I took on 3 senior level client executive coaching engagements and worked with the team through a team coaching engagement. In team meetings and other team interactions, we work with the team to assess dynamics, adjust styles, and help the individuals see themselves as a critical element of the whole. Every action, discussion, and move has an impact, and intentionally making moves can improve overall team performance.

Organizational Effectiveness

We engaged with the Chief Marketing Officer of a late-stage start-up client, who was focused on substantially improving their online marketing. The business is solely ecommerce based. The results this team drives were central to the success of the business.

The team was growing quickly, adding new members at a rapid pace. Our first step was to consider options for an organizational structure that would encourage risk-taking, facilitate quick learning, make adjustments as necessary, and yield substantial results. We then worked with her team on building effective team dynamics, relationship building, visioning to help them figure out where they wanted to go, and goal setting.

It was important to put this work in the context of their business. Given our extensive background in strategy, we were able to apply practical organizational tools to their exact business issues.

We worked with each team member to help them better understand and be articulate about their working styles and relate that to others on the team. Then, through an offsite that was highly focused on both team interactions and specific business results, we talked about the impacts of the team working style and the diversity of styles within it.

Strategy Consulting

Targeted Strategy: Working with a B2C team in a large Fortune 500 company on their strategy for reaching their target consumers, we spent time focused on being thoughtful about the core of their business opportunities. Through a 2 day, intensive offsite, we worked to build their strategic vision and evaluate their strengths and areas of opportunity. We are also using Action Learning to help the team to craft the strategic questions in the right way so that they are applying their considerable energy toward solving the right problems.

Holistic Strategy: For a small and highly successful small business, we have been working side-by-side with the CEO to develop a comprehensive growth strategy. First, we focused on the strengths of the firm and the needs of its clients. Then, we translated those into a clear and differentiated brand positioning to enable the firm to stand out amongst its competitors. This positioning provides strategic direction in the prioritization of new investments, hiring decisions, marketing messaging, and entrance into new businesses. We continue to partner to ensure the vision of the firm is maintained and the elements of the business that make its voice and offering unique is preserved.