When leaders and teams develop a new point-of-view, utilize strength, and see the world through a new lens, anything is possible.

Every organization and team has its own unique offer, position, and advantage. At the same time, current perspectives are embedded in the thread of the organization’s culture. We provide the ultimate in customized and directed consulting and coaching for leaders who want their team or organization to stand out and deliver exceptional results. We work with the organization to shift perspective and mindset to see the challenges and solutions in new ways.

In our work together, we focus on the strengths of the organization, determine and develop a new way to view what’s unique about the value the organization or team creates, and build the capabilities to deliver substantial and sustainable results.

  • Work with businesses to find their voice and understand strengths. Appreciate what success has looked like up until now. Identify areas where there is room to grow.
  • Recognize the obstacles that stand in the way of success. Challenge conventional thinking and pave the way for innovation.
  • Vision success in terms of defining the unique qualities only you can bring.
  • Devise the most effective action plan to bring that vision to reality.
  • Test and learn to make it happen.
Evolution Strategy 360: A Comprehensive Refresh of Strategy and Voice
Challenge your assumptions, see your opportunities, and create a plan with a fresh perspective.

  • A deep appreciation for the organization’s story up until now; its evolution, successes, and learning along the way
  • Gather consumer/customer/stakeholder insights through empathetic listening, interviewing, and other feedback gathering mechanisms
  • Define the opportunity: what do we want to solve? What is the desired outcome?
  • How do we define our goals and objectives and break them down?
  • Identification and validation of the organization’s strengths
  • Brand positioning: Clear articulation of:
    • Environment in which we play
    • Competitive Set
    • Unique points of differentiation and strength
    • What value we deliver
    • Emotional need we are meeting
  • Creating a vision together that channels the organization’s energy down a consistent path
  • Develop the capability to reinvent
Evolution Intensive: In Just 2 Days, Develop Your Internal and/or External Voice
Just like the more extensive 360 version, we work together with a team or organization to think deeply about the unique qualities and talents you bring to your business. We get right to work to get clarity on what you do well and create the positive energy and direction needed to move quickly and effectively.

Evolution Innovation: Design Thinking to Bring New Concepts, Products, and Services to Market
Consistent with our approach in all of our work, we utilize the perspective that we can’t see the need, evolve, and leverage strength until we shift our perspective. Believing the theory that all exceptional products and services work backward from target market need and emotional desire, we utilize the concepts of Design Thinking to develop creative solutions to thorny problems.. We follow up with the fundamental concept of test and learn. To gather user feedback is the inspiration needed to best meet the emotional and objective need of the audience.

  • Empathize: understand the needs of those you are designing for
  • Define: frame problems as opportunities for creative solutions
  • Generate Ideas: develop a range of possible solutions
  • Prototype: communicate the core elements of solutions to others
  • Test: Learn what works and doesn’t work to improve solutions
  • Refine: Take input and iterate until solutions meet the emotional and objective need