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Tell me about yourself.  At cocktail parties, an interview, or when meeting a new colleague for the first time, that question or one like it is the most common opening lines to a conversation.  How do most people answer it?  How would you answer it? Did talking about your current job and career path come to […]

I left my corporate job seeking something more. Something more exciting, more challenging, more me, more balanced. I thought that if I didn’t have to go into an office everyday, I would find myself with that highly desired work/life balance and would spend more time with my family and less time on work. That’s what […]

Put on Your Oxygen Mask First

December 3rd, 2014 by Marcy Schwab

How many times have we heard the spiel at the beginning of any domestic US flight? You probably ignore it at this point as most do. The airlines know that you aren’t listening, so they have gotten really creative about their messaging with videos of dancing flight attendants and singing pilots. It does make the […]